Nuzlocke Forums 24 Hour Stream! by Kadew
June 14th, 2019, 7:46 pm
I dunno if y'all have heard or not, but the official nuzlocke forums are in the middle of something big: we're moving to a new forum, since our current host is crap! And for doing so, there is fundraising involved, and to make THAT work out, there's a big promotional 24hr stream of the entire nuzlocke community! And it's tomorrow!

The stream starts tomorrow, June 15th at 12pm EDT on the nuzlocke forums twitch, and I'm going to be drawing my next update of Kurukkoo! on the stream from 7-10pm EDT, so come check it out! Lots of other people are going to be there too, streaming games and art and interviews and all sorts of other cool things.

(In prepping for this and also for dealing with end of semester of school things, there unfortunately isn't an update of Kurukkoo! today)