April Fool's 2017

I’ve been working on Kurukkoo! for a bit over a year now, and I’ve been growing increasingly dissatisfied with my style. No one seems to take my comic seriously! Everyone thinks it’s all cute and soft and fluff, but this is supposed to be a Nuzlocke comic! Pokemon but with Death and Sadness! And so, I’m officially announcing that I’ll be rebooting Kurukkoo! to fit with the grim and textured aesthetic that something as serious as a murderous pokemon fancomic deserves.

To begin with, our protagonist is far too wide eyed and idealistic. Red is now a teenager with family troubles and a punk aesthetic, with no respect for rules and authority. All of her dialogue from now on will only consist of biting sarcasm and cynical indifference. Also her name is now Scarlet. Because it means red, but also has the word scar in it, which makes it cooler.

B_____ is now a grizzled veteran of The War, scarred and bitter. He abandoned his name to distance himself from what he’s seen and what he’s done. He’s utterly no respect for Red Scarlet as a trainer, but is still grudgingly watching after her for heaven knows what reason. Has probably killed a man.

Pudge is basically the same as before, but now has a dark and mysterious and troubled past that they will not share. It is their destiny to be a loner, never understood by others, only sharing company but for a brief time before they must move on, never truly having a place where they belong.

Blue is now literally batman. His parents are deeaaaaaad!!!

(the pictures above not to scale, B and Pudge zoomed in for detail.)

April Fool's 2018

This page replaced the real page 012 when I first posted it on April Fool's day 2018. The lineart for this was done courtesy of my husband, who I think did an amazing job of it.

April Fool's 2019

This page pretended to be the page that follows page 017 when I posted it on April Fool's Day 2019. Me, Agent Nein, and DasUnicorm each cameo'd one another's characters in our updates that year, and you should really check out their comics if you haven't!